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Why Estonia is a great option for company registration?

Company registration in Estonia remains a useful, profitable and promising step for business.

Estonia is the country with the most convenient and flexible tax system to date.Opening a company in Estonia allows to conduct activities anywhere in the world, modern technologies and achievements in the field of e-government in Estonia allow to manage the company remotely.

A loyal system of taxation and document management allows the owners of a company to focus entirely on business objectives while minimizing bureaucratic management procedures.

Benefits of company formation in Estonia?

Estonia is the country with the largest number of digital technologies in the world, offering a unique combination of talent, environment and innovation.

  • This is the first country to offer electronic residency.
  • The country retains leadership in cryptocurrency.
  • The Government proposes a clear legal regulation of cryptocurrency c activities in Estonia and the licensing of crypto corporations.
  • Estonia is a recognized place for finance, IT and customer service and has growing experience in supply chain, personnel management and process automation.
  • The firm can be 100% foreign owned.
  • Minimum reporting.

Procedures of company formation in Estonia

  • In order to open commercial partnership, a non-resident must obtain a C-visa for business purposes and come to the country. To use the national Business Register portal and open a business, it will be necessary to:
  • To choose a commercial name that does not conflict with Estonian regulations;
  • Obtain a legal address and conclude a contract with the person who will be the contact of the founders in Estonia;
  • Draw up an ID card or mobile-ID for identification and install software for electronic signature;
  • To enter into the portal information about the founders of the enterprise, its name, the sphere of work and to draw up the charter;
  • Payment of State duty, depending on the type of organization (the contribution is increased for the accelerated procedure);
  • If you want to contribute equity (this is not necessary).

Estonian company formation takes 20 minutes to one working day. If the capital is in tangible form or the founders cannot use an electronic signature, it is necessary to register the case by a notary. He will help to draw up and submit to the register the contract, charter, application, bank certificate and other documents, will guarantee the legal correctness of the procedure. The registration process will take up to 3 days during the notarial procedure – if all the documents are written in a correct manner.

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